The CALIFA survey offers a four-years PhD fellowship associated to the
SURVEY" (AYA2012-31935; P.I: S.F.Sánchez), to work at the Instituto de
AstrofĂ­sica de Andalucia (IAA-CSIC, Granada, Spain).

The PhD thesis will be focused on the study of the ionized gas in the
Local Universe using the unique dataset provided by the CALIFA survey
( The main aim of this survey is to understand
the evolution of galaxies by the analysis of its fossil records, and
its spatially resolved spectroscopic signatures. CALIFA is the largest
spectroscopic survey that makes use of Integral Field Spectroscopy, a
technique that allows to obtain spatially resolved spectroscopy across
the optical extension of the observed object.

At its completion, CALIFA will observe at leat 600 galaxies, providing
with ~2000 individual spectra for each object (in two spectral
resolutions), covering the full optical extension up to ~3-4 effective
radius, and allowing to study the ionized gas emission lines from
[OII]3727 to [SII]6731. This dataset allow us to study the
star-formation processes, chemical enrichment and the overall
evolution of galaxies from a local point of view.

So far we have gathered data for more than 400 galaxies, with more than
700.000 individual spectra, covering all morphological types across
the entire Color-Magnitude diagram.

The CALIFA survey is a large international collaboration with more
than 80 members distributed along more than 25 institutes world-wide.
The candidate will work in an international environment, with open
oportunities for future carrer developments, and early access to
additional large IFS surveys (in particular MaNGA and SAMI).
Good programming skills (in particular in Python, but also in other
languages), and a good background in Astronomy are required.

We encourage the potential candidates to set their CVs to Sebastian
F. Sanchez (, as soon as possible.

For the formal requests, please consult the following webpage: